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Visit Barcelona. Nestled on the north-eastern shore of the Mediterranean, Barcelona exudes a unique charm that stems from its long history, amazing ar

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Libby Redman Where Love B ...

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Libby Redman Grew up with a love for gospel music and wearing out her toy microphones. Libby Redman first officially performed one of her own gospel s

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Ross Kemp Extreme World & ...

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The battles in the streets of Northern Island between the Loyalists and The Republicans have raged on for decades. In this episode of Ross Kemp Extrem

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Ross Kemp Extreme World N ...

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On The 29th August 2005 Hurricane Katrina Hit The City Of New Orleans USA. It’s feroricity wrecked homes and lives with equal devastation. This

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Rosemary Christensen Disa ...

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Rosemary Christensen Disappeared on August 26th 1999. The Australian born brunette lived in the Bay Area of Pinellas County. After meeting Robert Temp

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Formula 1 Gentlemen Lift ...

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Formula 1 Gentlemen Lift Your Skirts, is a BBC documentary about the fastest racing on earth. Some of the greatest drivers push their cars to the limi

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