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  1. gary miller says:

    this is an excellent example of cherry-picking facts. you choose one or two examples that support your viewpoint and stretch it out with some maybe, sometimes, could have, etc “facts”. nice try, but i’m sure the natural gas industry regrets funding your project. you just turned out looking like a fool.

  2. Jim Shorts says:

    What unlike they lying POS left that tells us CLIEmate lies all the time shove your global warming you know where it is a fantasy you have created in your heads to steal money. I’ll cherry pick somethin here in a minute you POS!

  3. Louganzo says:

    The enviro nuts are singing the same song. Making up lies about the Koch brothers funding so they don’t have to deal with the real issues. Is Obama’s EPA in on the hoax? Or are you just demagoguing again against energy options that really work?

  4. Louganzo says:

    How much economic destruction will enviro nuts inflict on the world before they give up their religion? Real people suffer real economic pacts when you let charlatans like Fox and Gore run around with their hysteria. I love the haiku moments n the rivers by fox and Gore. What a lot of Tasters Choice moment mental constipation.

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